Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Limited-Edition Holiday Shades


Dawn M.

These are great polishes, and they are very affordable. Often times they are on sale for like 2.49.. I'm an Avon Rep and I stand by these products. I have these in so many shades! If you're interested, check out my online store at http://youravon.com/dawnsantamarina - Free shipping on orders over 30$ =)

bryanna l.

I have these in a few different shades. I'm not sure which, but they are some of my favorites out of my collection. I've only needed one coat to get them to a niceshade (except for the blue I have, that one took two.) I've been topping them with the Avon crackle, which is by far one of my favorites.I recieved these as a present, so I'm not too sure about the prices, but these are definitely a hit with me.

Maya J.
Very Good.

I really do like Avon polishes, they have a good selection of colours and a good price (but then again I get mine cheaper because I get them from my friend's mom who sells Avon) and I think they're pretty good quality. They get a bit thick over time (or at least mine did) but that might just be me. Over all I think they are a very good polish.