Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion


Tessandra R.
I Adore It!!!

It's one of the best makeup removers I have found. All of the ones I previously tried either irritated my skin and eyes, or left the area around my eyes extremely dry. But this does neither! It removes the makeup easily without me having to scrub it off, and it moisturizes the skin around my eyes. I will definitely be repurchasing, and I definitely recommend this product! :)

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Hannah S.
Best eye makeup remover ever!

Works on even waterproof eye makeup! Best ever! Plus it's very affordable! I always stock up on these! Doesn't irritate my eyes! This stuff is perfect! Me, my mom, and both of my sisters have been using this for years! Definitely a great purchase!

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Nikki Z.

I don't know what I would do without this make up remover. I use it RELIGIOUSLY. it is an amazing price, moisturizing without being greasy, takes off ALL of your make up and lasts a good long while. I have sent this to all of my friends and they all love it too! You can usually find it on awesome sales through AVON too :)

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Tammy W.

I've been using this makeup remover for years probably since I was 14. I always get two for Xmas and seriously have a cupboard full of them. I love it, my makeup comes off so nicely no scrubbing, it's can be a tad greasy sometimes but I just go over with some cold water and it's fine. Also it's so cheap I always get it when it's .99 cents, so worth it.

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Jamie D.
Perfection in a bottle...

I have used so many makeup removers and hated all of them, they were either so oily and greasy and left a film over my eye area or didn't take off my makeup at all or worst off all stung my eyes and left them burning and dry. Then I tried this miracle cream and fell in love, its a lotion consistency and it removes all my eye makeup without hurting my eyes at all!! It's not oily at all and actually feels so nice against my delicate eye area. I won't use anything else :) Bonus its only like $4-5 a bottle and lasts forever.... Perfection!

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Lavinia L.

I used it 2 or 3 years ago , and it was so helpful! The price-quality report was good , and its texture too :) It works really well , but do not get it in your eyes it's very unpleasent,haha! But leaves skin so soft & removes all the make-up. The only problem I found now , I can't find it on romanian shops anymore !

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Elizabeth C.
One of the best makeup removers

This remover is very creamy and non eye irritating. It breaks down the make up quickly and easily wipes off. No sticky or greasy residue. Removes completely with a warm wash cloth. The price is great and a little goes a long way!

Stephanie R.
Works like a charm

This product is great and is effective! My mother uses this and gave me an extra bottle when I ran put of my remover. It is gentle, doesn't possess a harsh smell and does not leave my eye area dry!! That to me is the best part besides it working so well. Usually with one or two swipes ALL of my eye makeup has been removed. I personally don't use this on my face as I can see from other reviews that people do. It's not meant for your face so if it's not working for that area you can only wonder why.

Bachii R.

so i started using this when my grandma got me one she sells Avon and for the past few years ive made sure im stocked up with plenty, i recently ran out and didnt know what to do >.< more coming thursday but handsdown its the best its soft, doesnt cling to you, and wipes off any makeup real fast along with leaving ur eyelids moisturized instead of the dryness that ensues with other makeup removers

Kathleen H.
Photo of product included with review by Kathleen H.

Yes Sir I'm giving this a 5.0 stars!! Takes the make-up pretty good off! Especially on the eye-lashes! Doesn't have a scent in it, but it's fine with me.......... no need the scent, but just have to do it's job. As you can see on the picture, that's the bottle size.