Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser


Cori L.

This product did NOTHING for my skin. You should only use it if you have EXTREMELY sensitive/dry skin. It just barely cleans off dirt and oil. it didn't stop any of my breakouts, but I would recommend the aveeno daily moisturizer.

Lauren S.
awesome product

Before this product I would just randomly go to the store and buy some face wash when I would run out. Well one day I pick up noxzema because it was cheap, well never again will I do that. I broke out so bad with the noxzema!! It was horrible! Cystic acne everywhere. A friend noticed how bad I was breaking out and recommended the aveeno ultra calming foam cleanser. I'm so glad she did!! I love it!! This product really help me. After about two days of use I already noticed a dramatic difference. By one week all my acne was gone. I am still using this product and my skin is clear and soft. No more breakouts. I highly recommend this product, its great!

Isabelle S.
So far, so good(:

First off, you must understand my problem. I have extremely sensitive skin, so much so that most face washes do not work for me. I've always used Cetaphil, but recently I've been breaking out more (I'm a teenager). I found that although Cetaphil was really gentle, it wasn't cleansing my skin thoroughly so I decided to try this. Wow, was I amazed. This is so gentle yet cleans so well. It's extremely calming and at least 50% of my acne has disappeared within the two days I've been using it. I love this <333

Gigi H.
Love it!

I have very oily skin so it has been very difficult for me to find products in general that leaves my skin feeling awesome! This product really does the job! Leaves my skin feeling very soft and clean, and the feeling last throughout the day (when I don't wear make-up). I love it is hypoallergenic! I've been using this product for awhile and I've barely made a dent! I would definitely continue using this to help control my oily skin! =D

Kelsey S.

i was pleasantly surprised the first time i used it! this cleanser does have a calming effect and it cleanses very well too, it took off all my makeup even the mascara (non waterproof). i love that it is foamy too. overall it is very gentle but effective as well.