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Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15


Jamie V.
finally, a moisturizer that doesn't irritate!

Being prone to extremely sensitive skin has made finding a moisturizer a nightmare! I had never once found one that didn't either clog my pores and cause severe acne break outs, or cause an irritated rash to appear on my skin. Until, of course, I found the Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer. I have been using this for several weeks now and it is amazing. I have combination skin as well as sensitive, and this hydrates the dry areas without causing the oil prone areas to clog or produce excess oil. And as I said, not a single breakout from irritations either! I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitivity issues!

Miranda H.

I use this product after I use the neutrogena power clean scrub. The scrub makes my skin super irritated because of my sensitive skin. I went to walgreens and got this product. Not only did it help calm my skin it cleared up all of my redness from Rosacea. I am in love!

Alli Rose G.

This moisturizer is GREAT for sensitive skin. It doesn't burn or irritate at all. I have eczema breakouts from time to time on my face so this really helps! It really does help reduce the redness of blemishes, which I love! I'm a teenager with a minor acne problem. I think the biggest problem with acne is the redness. This moisturizer does its job. I think the only down side is that it does cost a bit of money up front. I believe it's close to $15, however, this moisturizer will last you a very long time.

Susie S.
Great Cream!

I was debating on buying this product or Cetaphil spf 15. After extensive research and after reading so many reviews, I decided to buy the Aveeno cream instead; due to the fact that so many reviews stated the Cetaphil would irritate their skin and the area around the eyes. I figured I did not want a facial cream that is going to irritate my face. I also read that Cetaphil is really greasy. I went to the store and decided to try a bit of each one; on my hand and arm before I purchase either one. I was surprised to find out the reviews were honest, the cetaphil was thicker and greaser on my arm, it stayed on my arm all day. The aveeno seems thick but once applied its very nice and thin and smooth. Its not oily at all and your face feels great. I still haven't tried the cetaphil on my face, but this is a review on the Aveeno Cream and I can say, I'm very happy with the results. I've tried it with different makeup foundations and powders and it gave me outstanding results with all of them.

Vanessa N.

This moisturizer is exactly what my skin needed (I've suffered from cystic acne in the past). It calms down my skin immediately after using my cleanser and my skin eats it up. I've had zero problems with this moisturizer and it doesn't smell like anything. I have very oily skin and this moisturizer doesn't add oil or cause me to break me out. I enjoy the way my skin feels after it's settled into my face. I also like it because other moisturizers will make my skin red but this one doesn't. Also for those who are trying it out I would recommend to use 2 full pumps to get a good effect. Good Luck!

Monique S.
great moisture

My skin is very dry on my face so I really needed a extreme moisturizer. I saw my daughter using this and figured I'd give it a try. It worked great. It is a little pricey but when I find it on sale I stock up. Allot of moisture in a small bottle.

Kym W.
Ultra Calming Oh Yea

So out of the blue my checks broke out in fine red bumps that were very dry and itchy. While in CVS I came across this moisturizer.I was skeptical considering I have the most sensitive dry skin available. This moisturizer not only calmed my itchy red flamed cheeks but it cleared up over night. I've been using this in my everyday routing. The only drawbacks is the price. For a drugstore product $20 is a bit much, but hey it works so I wud purchase it again. As far as the smell, it does have a light oatmeal spring floral smell but it didn't bother me or last that long. A little goes a long way

Natalie B.

I recently visited my mom and dad and of course I forgot my own moisturizer at home. My mom uses this moisturizer so I thought it would be okay for my own skin. The first thing I noticed about it was the smell. It had such an over powering perfume smell I was taken aback because I thought it was supposed to be all natural and hypoallergenic. Sure enough, fragrance is listed as an ingredient. I have extreme sensitivity to any type of perfume or fragrance on or near my face. That aside, it made my skin SO oily! I don't have oily skin to begin with, I have normal skin. But after an hour of wearing it, it looked like someone had rubbed vaseline all over my face. This product obviously works for some people or my mom wouldn't have used it, but for myself it was only deserving of three stars.