Volumizing Tonic


Rachel M.
great volumizer

I have fine hair, that falls flat after blow drying. By recommendation, I picked this up at my local Aveda salon & this stuff is great, really does what it says & the smell is wonderful! This is the first product by Aveda I've tried, I plan to go back to try different products because I love this so much!

Katy S.
Works Well With The Proper Technique

Aveda's Volumizing Tonic can pump up some hair BUT don't over spray it. If you do, your hair will be oily. I love using this on anyone with fine limp hair but it will work for anyone. When you use it, make sure your hair is 80 to 90 percent dry and just spray one or two pumps around your crown at your roots only!

Elizabeth W.

I went to the aveda cosmetology school where i used aveda everyday. The volumizing tonic it pretty good and will give you some lift but the next day your hair will be so oily. It is so easy to over use the product. Use the hair potion instead.