Inner Light Mineral Dual Foundation


Mindy R.
The only powder foundation I'll use

Being an Aveda Instute alumni, I might be a bit biased, but I used this even before I went to school. This is the only powder foundation I've found that doesn't clump up or get chalky. When applied with a dense brush (like Aveda's kabuki-like foundation brush) it goes on like a dream and covers amazingly. Aveda has been using minerals in their cosmetics since 1987, so they helped pave the way for the mineral craze going on now. My skin freaks out when I use any other foundation other than this, so needless to say I'll be sticking with my Aveda powder foundation. LOVES!

Alyson K.
Love this in more than two ways!

This is an AWESOME foundation! First off, it's mineral based which means it's not as thick and clumping, and it won't clog your pores or create that kind of line you get from liquid foundation. Also, being from Aveda it's more naturally derived, so almost everyone can use it because it's not irritating to the skin from being more chemically derived. Your not going to break out from it as easily because it's: A) mineral based and B) it's made from natural ingredients so it's not getting into your pores giving you pimples and stuff. A lot of people have hesitations when it comes to foundation, but with this product you don't have to worry about that.

The coolest thing about it is that dual means there are two different way to apply it... wet and dry. When you get it, it comes with a powder sponge, when you apply with that or any type of sponge you'll get a thicker coverage. When you apply with just a powder brush, you'll get a lighter coverage. So depending how strong you want your coverage, you get that control in one product.

Also, it's a foundation and a powder in one, which is another way in which it's a dual product. You can also take it from a dry foundation, use a wet sponge, and now you also have a liquid foundation, which is really cool. So there are a lot of different ways you can apply it to the skin. In one little compact you have a liquid foundation, a dry foundation, a powder and a heavier or lighter coverage option.

It comes in many different colors so you can get the range that you want with it to match your skin tone. It just gives a really nice healthy glow to the skin and that coverage, evening up the skin tone without that cakiness that you can get from other foundations. So you can get that heavier coverage if you want without using a product that has a caky, liquid, chemical base.