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Micaela  G.
I love it

This is one of my favourite primers, I wear it when I go to concerts or out to parties and I feel like my foundation lasts the whole night, I'm not a huge fan if the smell of the product but it's one small flaw xx

Rebeckah W.
Does the job pretty well.

This primer does it's job well. Hydrates my skin and my foundation lasts the day/ night. The consistancy is a gel-cream like formula. Its really nice kept in the fride during summer and applied as a little pick me up on makeup free days :P -1 1/2 stars because my skin doesn't feel perfectly smooth and pores are still visible. This primer won't give you a flawless 'airbrushed' foundation result. Don't get me wrong your skin will look fine but not perfect... I hope you understand what i mean...?? With all the added vitamins and botanicals its a nice moisturising treat to your skin. Also nice to apply generously to sun burn skin as the cucumber and aloe vera are soothing. Its worth a try.