Lashtite Adhesive Clear


Avis G.
its glue

yes it works ,but you just gotta get pass the smell...if you are willing to. It kind of makes my eye start to tear up a LITTLE but nothing big. I will search for another one to use on clients though.

Mikayla O.
Nightmare to remove

I used about 10 individual lashes on each eye with this stuff. I noticed the second day that the glue was rock-hard and started to irritate my eyelids. It was pinching my lashes and stinging. I tried to gently push them off with a makeup wipe, and a few came off. I tried coconut oil and some came off easily, others with some work but my own lashes were coming out!! I started panicking and scrubbing and I'd say I lost about 12 lashes each eye. I literally cried. I threw out the rest of the bottle.