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Lashgrip Strip Adhesive Clear


Misty C.
For A Cheap It's A Yes

For a cheap eyelash glue it is great. It does tend to wear off at the edges pretty quickly (Hour or Less). It works for me as a model not really doing 2hour+ shoots. It is fast drying so if you are on the go then this could work for you.

Melanie M.

Unlike the previous reviews I think this lashgrip strip adhesive Clear is good! I've been using it whenever I wear false eyelashes and it works out great! I think if you Invest in good eyelashes the glue will do its magic. I usually wear them for 8 hours and they don't fall off. They won't come off unless you a) didn't wait for the glue to become "sticky" (I let it sit for 4 minutes before applying them with A lash applicator) or if b) you didn't apply them properly. They're easy to remove, I like to use my makeup remover so that I don't pull out my natural eyelashes.

Dinah D.
It's all right...

I mean this glue is okay but it isn't what I would call great. I prefer their Duo glue over this one. I only use this one because sometimes it comes with the lashes and I don't want to throw away my money.

Ashleigh R.
It's alright

For a cheap adhesive, it's not too bad, but it does tend to wear off after a few hours or sometimes even less. The ends tend to wear away the most. It's only good for an hour or so, but not the whole night/day.

Carla H.
Definitely temporary

Works for a few hours, but after a while I can feel my lower lid sticking to my upper lid. And then the edges of my lashes start flyin away. It gets annoying, and I have the hardest time getting the glue back off my eyelid. Peels off the lashes very easily though. Quick clean-up. Good for a short night out. Dries clear, but takes a while to stick.

Angela V.
it works to some degree

I dont mind this stuff but for me it doesn't seem to hold all day.. I want something that will keep my lashes in place all day not do great for half a day and then I can see eyelash hang.. I want my eye lashes to be believable.. If you are on a budget and cant afford expensive lash adhesive this will do the trick.. just dont expect it to be a long period of time

Christina L.
Maybe it's just me?

But this glue did pretty much nothing for my false lashes. They constantly peeled and started coming off. The glue dries clear, but the sides peel easily and it just didn't last long. I don't know if it was the way I applied it or if it was just the glue, but I would recommend spending a few extra bucks on a better glue. I definitely wouldn't use these on expensive false lashes.