Artificial Eyelashes


Bec S.
Love Ardel lashes!

I watched Billy B use Ardel lashes-- he builds them up using several pairs at a time. It's become my favorite thing to do. Plus they're affordable and I can find them anywhere.

Huda A.
the easiest & best ever

these were the first brand I ever bought. And let me tell u, ardell are the best, easiest, softs, most flexible, & reasonably priced ever. I love their Lash band, it's not to flimsy and not to edgy/crooky when u bendnit around to take your eye shape. They are just right. The range of shapes and collection is amazing. Will always buy them. Better than eyluer in my opinion.... Oh, but I never bout the application kit. Always just the lashes & applied them myself

Launa A.
My fav

I absolutely love Ardell lashes...the selection is huge and the quality is great. Mine last for a while. My clients love them. I've tried several different brands of lashes and these by far are my first choice. Definitely a must have.

Alyssa A.
love the quality

ardell offers different styles and lengths. I love the 109's for the everyday natural look. They raw very lightweight and don't irritate the eyes. I have not worn anything else since I started wearing eyelashes for special occasions.

Oh target offers the cheapest Ive seen 3 dollars n some change

FTC I bought this product with my own money I am not being paid to do this review and these are my true honest opinion.

Ashlee L.
I love demi lashes
Photo of product included with review by Ashlee L.

Ardell accent lashes are fantastic! Especially for brides that don't really wear lashes often it is a great alternative to full lashes and some are really dramatic.

Ivonne F.

These are my go to lashes!!!! they have such a wide range of styles! and so affordable compared to other brands. The ones i usually buy are so natural looking! they just add volume to my own lashes, a MAJOR pro! the only con i can think of is the cleaning, for some reason i always have a hard time cleaning them after i uset them.

Ashley G.

The thing that I love most about Ardell is the variety of lashes that they have, they are the only lashes that I really wear, and they are great to have in a kit. They are quite cheap compared to MAC and other brands. I love the natural lashes, because they feel light, and it's not to overwhelming, but i also love their more dramatic lashes too :)

Victoria S.
Great false lashes at an affordable cost

I'm doing a general review on Ardell false lashes, not any particular ones. Brands like Make up Forever, MAC and Shu Uemura have high quality "artistic" false lashes that can range from $15 + . Ardell lashes are great quality at a low cost. They last a long time on lashes and with proper care, can be used many times.

I first used them for my Halloween costume (in photo). I was a sexy vampire and wanted dramatic lashes. These fit perfectly on my eye, and did not hurt when taking them off. They blended well with my own lashes. At $6 a pair, these are definitely worth it to have in your kit for special events.

Nadia N.

These are probably my favorite lashes! I love how they have a variety lengths, styles and how dramatic you would like them to be! I definitely pull out a pair of these on a night out. I love the the whispies, Fashion and supermodel lashes!

Vivian L.
Good and cheap

I've always liked Ardell lashes because they are not made of 'plastic' hair. And they have a decent range of lash types to choose from. Most of them look very natural on my Asian eyes without compromising on the length/volume. Application is easy once you get the hang of it, and I am able to re-use the lashes for about 4-5 times, depending on how well I clean them afterwards.