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Smart Shade Concealer


Paul G.

I'm a typical high school guy with mild acne on my cheeks and forehead and it covers very well. Just make sure you dab it to blend it in!! It comes out a grayish color but once it goes on your skin it changes color so don't freak out. It should turn your skin tone.

stephanie  M.
Its shockingly amazing!

Hey guys! so I have a lot of undereye circles and some blemishes around my T-zone and since I want to avoid heavy foundation I go for concealer. Now I have used A LOT of concealer and was skeptical to use this drugstore brand but once I tried it I was hooked! I used it in a light- medium shade blotting it under my eyes where the dark circles were and dotting it and blending it where blemishes were. I use it after tinted moisturizer/ sunscreen so it blends in really well. Now it comes out purpley- gray dotted looking, but as I grabbed a bit and started blending, It really matched my skin tone and took the undereye and blemish away! I was stunned and absolutely love it now! Now I know every girl is different, but for a couple bucks it is completely worth a shot! You can purchase it at any drug store or makeup counter really. Enjoy!!!