Pure Blends Eyeshadow


Monica M.
I Could Do Without this Product

I bought this product at the dollar store because I think I saw a beauty guru on YouTube use it and I was like, "What the heck, its only a dollar!" I got the color apricot and when I first tried it I was not impressed. There was no color payoff even if I got a lot of product on my eyeshadow brush! Why buy an eyeshadow that doesn't leave color on your eyelid?? I would not say that this is the worst product. I try to use it as much as I can and the color is pretty, but it is just not worth trying.I am just warning you about this product before you go out and buy it. I respect that this product is pretty natural but it's just not worth it. TIP- If you already have bought this product, try using clean finger to apply. I have found that this helps the color come off and show up better.

Pros: *Almost 100% natural *Paraben and Talc free Cons: *No color payoff *Not very pigmented *If you try to build up color, eye shadow becomes chalky

Sarah M.

I saw this at Big Lots for $1 and decided to buy it. I got the shade Cinnamon and was so disappointed. It looks really pretty, but when I put it on there was no color payoff. I won't throw it away, but I wouldn't suggest buying it. The package is cute though.

Rae M.
Chalky. Not Blendable

I got 2 colors that aren't listed- Apricot and Cinnamon. I was so excited because the colors were so beautiful, but they were pretty chalky and not blendable. Also, they don't last that long. Miss.