Intense i-Color Satin-i Kit


Chelsea T.
I love this!

This is the ONLY Intense I-Color trio I like, unfortunately. The formula is great, it's buildable color so you can go subtle or bold without having to sit there for an hour and use up a lot of product. It shimmers without having that glittery look which is perfect for my style. It's easy to work with, using a sponge applicator or a brush. It blends together beautifully which is why this is my everyday look. Unlike the other Intense I-Color trios I feel these colors actually look good and go together! I do love this and I get so many compliments on my eyes and I notice most of the time I'm wearing these colors, I'm not changing my routine and I will definitely be buying this more than once.

Sophie N.

I got this trio because I loved the way it looked in the pallet. But, the first time i used it, I could hardly see the colors. I was very disapointed.