Beauty Product Reviews

My favorite concealer to correct redness!

I have the AMC cream concealer in 60 (green shade) that I use on all my clients who have redness. It does an amazing job of covering up the redness. The consistency is so smooth and so creamy. It makes such a difference. For only $10 the price tag is great (you only need a little bit for the whole face!). I really recommend this product.


I bought the Sephora exclusive "Tidal rave" a couple days ago, & I'm already in LOVE. The shadow is super blendable, has a creamy, light texture, and the color is just to die for. I do have to place a couple layers of it so it shows true to color though. I love pairing it with Urban decay's gunmetal.

I really, really love this product. From the first time I used it, I fell in love. It made my legs look like I had been laying on the beach all week. I have really pale legs. They never match my arms or face because they just don't tan as easily. I bought the bottle in medium glow because I didn't want my legs too tan - just tan enough to match the rest of my body.

Before spraying it on, I moisturized my legs. Then, I sprayed the product onto my hands and began rubbing it onto my legs, working quickly. I waited about 5 minutes for it to fully dry. Since I didn't want orange stained hands, I washed my hands with soap and water right afterwards and it didn't leave any residue on my hands. It did not stain the dress I was wearing either. I was so impressed with the color - it was so natural.

When I showered the next morning, most of it came off. It did not leave streaks or stains. This product is definitely worth the $12. It's not something I personally would use everyday, but if you have an event to go to and want some color in your legs, this product is great!

I love how black and creamy this liner is. It glides on beautifully. However, on me, this pencil smudges like crazy. I cannot wear it on the bottom lash line, because before I know it, it's all over my under eye area. I'd much rather use my milani liquif-eye pencil which is just as black and creamy.

This gloss is to die for! The formula is great - not sticky or uncomfortable. It makes your lips look absolutely luscious. It has a great subtle - almost fruity - smell to it, but it's not overpowering at all. I have it in the color M16. This color is very versatile - it looks great on top of almost every lipstick. I love that it has a lip brush, rather than a doe foot applicator. It lasts a long time on my lips as well. It's one of the most expensive glosses I own (they retail at $18) but very worth it!

My favorite neutral pink lipstick by far! I am in love with the formula - creamy, long lasting, and doesn't sink into fine lines. It doesn't dry out my lips at all. I normally pair all my lipsticks with a lip gloss but I didn't feel the need to with this one because of the subtle sheen it gives. It's an amazing pinky nude. Totally recommend it!