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Long lasting makeup in summer weather!

I'm really happy with this purchase! I didn't really think it was going to make that much of a difference, but when we were in Vegas it held everything together! Considering the temperatures and everything, I was really impressed with how long my makeup lasted after having used the spray. I would definitely recommend trying it! The travel size isn't too expensive and you get quite a few uses out of it too!

Smells amazing and has a velvety texture

I received a deluxe sample of the Ahava Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream in my latest Glymm box and I have to say that I love it! It has a unique floral scent that I really like and the texture is almost velvet like. In the winter my hands get really dry and I've been applying this almost twice a day and I'm really liking the results so far.

Also, aside from being available at Nordstrom, Glymm has it on their website for $22CA .

OMG my life is now complete!

I've been waiting to get my hands on this palette for like forever! And I finally got it..on sale lol (20$ off from Sephora for being a VIB).

Anyways, I really love the colors and pigmentations in this palette. My favorite color so far is dark horse. This set is great for every day looks and even night time looks. It's fun how you can go for something more neutral to something more dramatic with just a change of hues.

I would definitely recommend this palette to someone who doesn't mind spending the extra bit on it because it is rather pricey. And if you're not looking for a set of completely matte shadows either. Though there's glitter, it's pretty fine and not overly chunky..just the way I like it!

Best top coat ever!

I've tried my fair share of top coats from name brands like OPI to lesser known ones that I pick up at the Pharmacy. They either smear the coat underneath or don't do anything to help prevent chipping, make my mani last longer etc.

Now here comes along Seche Vite...which was a bit pricey when I first picked it up. I think I paid 14$ for it but later found it at Winners for 8$...but even for 14$ I'll still go back and buy this top coat!

It not only adds on a layer to protect my color, it hardens it, makes it last a minimum of 3-4 days longer, and it also prevents chipping. I'm always on my computer so my nails are always chipping or the color is fading off because of typing so much. Add on a coat of Seche Vite and voila...I don't have to redo my nails every second day because the polish is coming off!

It has a very distinct smell that isn't the greatest (makes me think of a professional salon), but it works amazingly and now I've gotten the rest of my family addicted...I even had to buy another bottle because my mom tried to pilfer mine!

Lemony Goodness

Aside from the packaging being uber cute, I love how small it is, how much product is actually inside and the smell/taste. I'm still deciding what childhood memory it brings up every time I twist off the top but one that keeps coming back is candy necklaces and rocket candies! The lemon is more sweet than citrusy.

I love how easily the product glides on to my lips, and with the rounded shape I can get my bottom and top lip at the same time in one swipe. And I used to swear by my Nivea chapstick but not any more! The EOS lip balms are my new go to for smooth chap free lips!

For the price and variety of flavors/scents I'd recommend this lip balm! I love it and I think you will too!

I love this nail polish brand and have so many bottles in different colors. My two favourites so far are too too hot and turks and caicos. Really adorable coral and mint colors that are perfect any time of the year for an added pop of color!

Amazing lip balm with really cute packaging!

I really love this lip balm! From the smell to the texture and even the packaging. It's adorable, moisturizes my lips, smells amazing and even has spf 15! I like that it's not in a stick format and I find because it's rounded like it is, you can do one swipe to get your lower and upper lips at the same time.

I used to swear by my old Nivea lip balm and now this one has replaced it! Hands down it does a better job of keeping my lips chap free and I have to apply it less than other balms

Soft and wonderful!

Let's just say that I loved this one so much that I had to go out and buy a second one! I really like these brushes because they grab the color, apply it wonderfully and are the bristles are super nice and soft! Great quality brushes!

Super soft bristles!

This was my second blending brush and this one blew the first one out of the water! I love how soft the bristles are, how it blends my shadows wonderfully and how it picks up color as well. Amazing purchase!


I really like using this brush for my brows. The bristles are nice and soft, the spoolie doesn't feel like it's going to snap off and the angle is thin enough that I can get perfect control for filling in my brows!

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