Cheer makeup


My makeup for cheerleading that stayed on for both games.

  • Added Jun 26, 2013

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Jul 02, 2013

Carly S.

Yes it is the color tattoo. I find the most affective way to put it on is just to use your finger. I know it's messy but it washes off easily. I tried a small brush before but it made it more difficult to apply and I wasn't apply to have it as bright as I wanted it. Just using your finger is the best way for me.

Jul 01, 2013

Amanda B.

Nice! I'm new to the site, still figuring out how it's set up and everything, but is this the Maybelline Color Tattoo? I'm no makeup pro, and I can't find a good method for putting mine on, I have the Gold Rush shade. Any tool you'd recommend using with this?