So here is an "Alien" type look I did today, that I kind of based off of Star Wars. I also used a little airbrushing in this look and used glue and toilet paper for the scar and gash (I know not the healthiest for the skin)

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Jun 6, 2015

Carmen K.

Temporay address : carmenforstephanie at yahoo dot com. If typed as an e-mail the post signals an error
Thanks, Carmen

Jun 6, 2015

Carmen K.

Hello Aimée, we would like to use your picture of your nail art in a French book we're compiling. Would you kindly contact us for further information? This is a temporary mail address to reach me. Thank you! Carmen.

Oct 4, 2015

Aimee K.

I am so sorry I didn't respond to you on this. I haven't been on this site in a while and just now started getting back into posting things again. I apologize, I would have done this though had I seen this :/