Brow tutorial


1) Take any powder that matches your hair color best. You don't necessarily need a powder that specified for your eyebrows, but if you use an eyeshadow, make sure it's matte and doesn't have any shine to it.
2) Start off with squaring off the beginning of your eyebrows, and make hair-like strokes into your eyebrow to make the illusion that your eyebrows are fuller. Once you get to your arch, powder the top into a point, and make sure the bottom points into it. Then carry the powder and create your eyebrows tail. If you don't know how long your eyebrows should be, take a pencil or anything straight and align it with the edge of your nose to the end of your eyebrow. That is wear it should end.
3) This step is optional, but if you want them to appear fuller then take an eyebrow pencil and fill in your eyebrows the same way you did with the powder.
4) Take a spooley and brush back to blend in all of the colors.
5) Use any setting wax or spray to set all of the hairs so none of them move during the day.
6, 7, & 8) Take your preferred highlighter and line the underneath of your brow. After lining it, blend downwards.
That's all I do!

  • Added Aug 2, 2013

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