♡Make Up: DOs and DON'Ts!♡


♡6 tips 4 you♡

♡Yes or No to primer?
It will fill in your pores to give you a smooth canvas to work your make up on. Primer is especially important for oily and acne prone skin and to help the makeup stay in place!

♡Apply lipstick horizontally or vertically?
Make your lip lines disappear by applying your lipstick vertically instead of horizontally. This is especially important for all those who suffer from dry, chapped lips!

♡Shaping eyebrows?
When penciling your eyebrows, begin at the inner corners and work outwards toward your temples. Your eyebrow should start right above the inner corner of your eye, peak at the outer corner of your iris, and curves down towards the end. Don't make it peak so much, you don't want to look like an angry bird!

♡Eyelash curling?
Heat your eyelash curler for a minute with your hair dryer set to high. This will give it the heat it needs to prolong your curled lashes. Always curl your lashes twice for a more natural and rounded curl. Each curl should take about 30 seconds. Then apply mascara!

♡Too much eyeliner?
All you need is a light application of eyeliner to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Remember not to over do it. Unless you are going for a zombie-themed party, that is.

♡Liquid or Powder foundation?
If you ask me, I'd rather liquid foundation. It stays on longer, plus it does not irritate the skin so much. This is important for oily and acne prone skin.

♡Hope this helps♡
Love, Carabelle

  • Added Jul 07, 2013

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