Adios Acne♡ Hiding Imperfection


Adios Acne♡ Hiding Imperfection

Its unfair Barbara Palvin has a perfect complexion. The redness of acne does not flatter your complexion at all. I'm sure we all know how to use concealer and hide all imperfections. How about some magic skin food maybe? Today's skincare edition: 4 tricks to conceal acne redness and swelling!

Guess what? All this are 1minute tricks that you can do in the morning before you rush off to work or school!

♡1 tablespoon of mashed potato♡
Gently apply the potato onto the pimple. Let rest for a minute. Wash off.

♡Ice cubes♡
Wrap some ice in thin cloth and dab for a minute on the pimple (reduces inflammation). Leave for a minute and wash off.

♡Vitamin E capsules or Vitamin E oil♡
Apply vitamin E onto the pimple. Leave it for a minute then rinse away with lukewarm water

♡Freshly squeezed lemon juice♡
apply lemon juice on the pimples. This helps to detox and rid the bacteria that causes swelling. Rinse off after a minute.

This concludes the end of the Adios Acne series! Thank you for the 100 followers in 5 days! As always, Hope this helps♡
Love, Carabelle

  • Added Jul 05, 2013

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