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Jul 17, 2013

Aliyah R.

Tbh this is pathetic you know it's Jadah , so get over it do you come on here just to comment on pictures saying this and that get over it because I seriously find this Stuipd so bye :)

Jul 14, 2013

Aysha B.

Clearly are stealing pics coz when someone commented saying woah very pretty you said thanks lmao!!

Jul 12, 2013

Aliyah R.

I'm not stealing people's pictures? Anyway and some people pictures post pics of other people this is about fashion and makeup I post a pic of her and other pics its not stealing plus everyone know who she is? And I most definitely but my name right? And you don't have to comment so bye?

Jul 12, 2013

Boogie D.

If you aren't catfishing anyone then don't accept the compliments. And stop stealing pictures without giving credit.

Jul 11, 2013

Valerie B.

Love your eyes!!:)

Jul 10, 2013

Aliyah R.

Lol nobody catfishing! I would have put Jadah as my name if I was? I'm just posting pictures and I never said that was me its so obvious I'm just posting pictures so thank you

Jul 10, 2013

Chantal U.

80's corgeous!

Jul 10, 2013

Brianna P.

Someone is catfishing! lol I'm following Jadah on insta. this isn't you.

Jul 10, 2013

Ashley H.

Love her hair!

Jul 10, 2013

Tania S.

so pretty

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