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Neon pink & sparkles

  • Added Jul 08, 2013

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Jul 14, 2013

Emma S.

@Katie M. @Olivia J. They aren't my actual nails! They are fake ones that I ordered off of amazon that look like this ---> and it came in a set of 500 pieces for like $6.00 I think. I cut them to length and/or shape I want for the design I'm doing, and then I file them. I use double sided tape to secure the nails face up to a piece of paper. And then I paint them, let the dry, and then glue them on ☺

Jul 14, 2013

Emma S.

@Aisha K. @Makeup Q.
@Fabiola E. @K J. @Allison S. @Heno A. Thank you so much 😊

Jul 14, 2013

Emma S.

@Diane P. It's a combination of two colors actually. I used 2 coats of Spoiled "Tip Your Waitress" S011. And then one coat of Spoiled "I Gotta Confection To Make" S009. I get Spoiled brand for $1.99 at CVS Pharmacy or $1.99 at Target (:

Jul 14, 2013

Heno A.

so cute

Jul 13, 2013

Diane P.

What color is the pinkish/coral polish please?

Jul 12, 2013

Olivia J.

How did you get your nails in that shape??

Jul 12, 2013

Allison S.


Jul 11, 2013

Nena C.

I want this look on my nails :)

Jul 11, 2013

Katy M.

How do you cut your nails like that? I want them to look like that

Jul 10, 2013

Katie G.

What polishes did you use?

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