how I fill my brows


What you need:
-Blonde(two shades darker then hair) Brunette or Black (two shades lighter then hair) I just use an eyeshadow by Mac called espresso.
-Brow wax (optional)
-Angled brush
-Concealer brush or a brush that's able to give precise lines.

ALWAYS START OFF WITH A CLEAN GROOMED BROW!! Your life will be easier :)

What to do:
1. Comb brow with Spooly.
2. Apply brow wax all over the brow to hold the brow hairs down. (Optional)
3. Take your angled brush and dab it lightly in your color. Then line the lower part of your eyebrow. (Follow natural brow line)
4. Repeat #3 but line the top part of your brow.
5. Lightly fill in the brow. Blend Those harsh lines you have created.(Remember its like an ombré effect. The inner brow is lighter then the arch or outer brow.)
6. Take your concealer brush or brush you find comfortable to get the job done and dab it into a flesh tone concealer.
7. Clean around the brow. Basically just lining right under where you created those lines. Almost like your lining your brows.
8. YOUR DONE! the concealer really makes a big difference btw. Enjoy and follow me on IG: @salomevakauta :)

  • Added May 15, 2013

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