Cleaning face with oatmeal n always moisturize


Grab ground oatmeal with 1 of your bare hands. (A handful amount, not too much)
- Close your palms which you are holding the oatmeal, let the tap water run through your hand till the oatmeal is completely soaked & wet.
- Open your hand, press gently on the oatmeal, you will see some water in it don't pour off, just apply it on your face.
- Then, rub the oatmeal all over your face for about 1-2minutes then rinse off. (It also acts as an exfoliate as to clean your dead skin away!
Cucumbers can cleanse the face. Cucumber thinly sliced ​​then placed on a clean face, cucumber can soften and refresh the skin, remove wrinkles.

  • Added Jul 18, 2013

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