My version of Amber Nicole's picture! She is amazing.

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Apr 14, 2012

Jaclyn N.

what yellow is that? its beautiful

i think I'm in love with all your pics!

Nov 14, 2011

Yumemi S.

haha so sweet <3 thanks love (:

Jul 06, 2011

ELina G.

From what brand are those eyeshadows? I love those colors. I have the ELF 100 eyeshadow palette and the BHCosmetics 1st edition palette, but I think I need more bright colors such as the ones of the Acid palette from Sleek. ;)

Jul 07, 2011

Yumemi S.

these are sugarpill colours! one of my all time favourite brands because of the amazing pigmentation of the colours. the purple on the bottom is a pencil eyeliner from ettusais and the waterline light blue was just a white pencil liner, then i set it with a baby blue eyeshadow (:

Jul 13, 2011

ELina G.

I want to buy eyeshadows from sugarpill since a year ago but I live in Portugal and I don't know if there is any store that sells Sugarpill products. I already checked the website but I don't know if the shipping is expensive or not. A lot od brands that I love like MAC, Urban Decay and others like that are only sold in a very specific places. I'm from the north so the most near shopping is like 40 miles away from my city. Such a bad luck. But from the bright side, I'm going to Lisbon(the capital) visit my aunt and my oncle, next friday and they live like 5 miles away from the Shopping and in that shopping there is a Sephora store, so I'm going to take a look at the store and see if they have MAC, urban decay and all those brands that normally a Sephora store have. MAC is a little bit expensive for me because I don't have a summer job and I'm still in High School so I don't have much money. LOL
Sorry for this big text but when I start talking is a little bit hard to stop because I like to explain everything to make people understand what mean. ROFL ;)

Jul 13, 2011

Yumemi S.

hahah aww that sucks ): i ordered sugarpill online for my birthday last year. and i was just in highschool! graduated a month ago (: this year my mom bought some OCC products for me online again since i turned 18, she spent quite alot for me (: and i live in thailand so we dont even have sephora! at least you have one in your country hahah! but i have friends all around the world that i could ask for things like from america, europe, australia and stuff (: you should get lots of stuff from sephora! i love it. and check out the new urban decay palette for their 15th anniversary! http://www.temptalia.com/urban-deca... i asked my friend to get it for me from new york! haha (:

You blend with such ease! Looks fantastic & I love the wing! 

May 09, 2011

Yumemi S.

oh my godd a comment from jazziebabycakes <3 hahah (: im so haaaaaappppppyyyyyyyyy thank you sooooooo much! by the way, your strawberry mask made me laugh when you put it on hahaha xxxx

May 09, 2011

Jasmine P.

You're so cute! haha thank you so much! Oh gosh that strawberry mask video, I know it was a riot. I just had to put it up so that people could see how much fun it was. I didn't show people but I was totally licking by my mouth part of the time!

May 05, 2011

Megan N.

beautiful color choices :)

Jun 05, 2011

Yumemi S.