NBA Playoffs Makeup Series: New Orleans Hornets

  • Added May 01, 2011

New Arrivals


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Jul 01, 2011

Rachel K.

OMG a tutorial and/or product list for this would be amazing!

Jul 03, 2011

Lani J.

Hi Rachel! Here is the list of products that I used. :) http://bit.ly/lenidG

Jun 11, 2011

Micah B.

sooo pretty!!!

Jul 03, 2011

Lani J.

thank you doll! ;)

May 11, 2011

Shy M.


Jul 03, 2011

Lani J.

thank you! ;)

May 01, 2011

May T.

love this...your eye brows are like PERFECT!!!!!! Im a little jealous...lol

May 01, 2011

Lani J.

lol don't be, they are nothing like this without my pencil and powder. thanks doll! ;)