Beachy Waves Tutorial

  • Added Jun 23, 2011

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Jun 23, 2011

Amy L.

Summer is finally here (unless you live in Chicago, like me, where the weather seems to be a bit confused) and it’s time for beachy waves! Beachy waves has recently been my go to hair style. It’s a quick and easy look for those days on and off the beach.
My weapon of choice in creating the perfect beachy waves is Pantene’s Volumizing Mousse for Fine Hair. This mousse will hold your waves all day without weighing your hair down. To get my look follow the steps below!
After you shower, towel dry your hair and comb it out. Begin to scrunch your hair in sections (I usually hang my head upside down). After you are fully scrunched, squirt about a golf ball sized amount of mousse in the palm of your hand and rub together. Gently scrunch your hair again, making sure to get the mousse everywhere. I typically use one golf ball sized amount for the two sides and another for the back. Let your hair dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then blow dry. Set your hair dryer on medium (high will blow your hair too much, causing a mess instead of creating waves) and begin to dry your hair, upside down, while scrunching. Dry your hair about half way then spray in Garnier Fructics Wonder Waves Wave-Enchaning Spray. I usually just spray this on the top layer of my hair all around. This will add shine to your waves. Let air dry for another 5 minutes. Blow dry your hair again, on medium setting, continuing to scrunch until dry. After done drying, “fluff” your hair to separate the waves, never comb your hair. If you live in a humid climate I suggest using a bit of hair spray for a better hold. I typically use Garnier Fructics Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray. I do not spray it directly on my hair, instead spray a small amount in your palms, rub together and quickly scrunch through your hair. Key word, quickly, it will dry fast.