The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.


After watching The Hobbit I've been itching to do a nail design & I thought why not go all out!? The little finger is the tree from the Shire. Middle finger is the famous Misty Mountain & the thumb of course is Smaugs eye.

  • Added Apr 16, 2014

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Apr 21, 2014

Ricardo A.

I Love it so much :)

Apr 19, 2014

Jackie S.

I LOVE these!!

Apr 19, 2014

Jewels E.

The movie was great and so are the nails :-P.

Apr 18, 2014

Anna T.

It really use very good! But I am afraid on my hands it could be kept several minutes only :-D But I really like the idea and it's realisation :-D I have started thinking about going to nail art courses.

Apr 18, 2014

Kira-louise S.

Thankyou everyone :) and I kept them on for a couple of hours: not the most practical of nails I must say! Haha.

Apr 18, 2014

Tearah K.

How long are you keeping these on? really awesome, I wish I could do nail art ):

Apr 17, 2014

Galina I.

That's so cool and creative!

Apr 17, 2014

Kira-louise S.

For the grass: I used a make up sponge which I cut up into little pieces then glueing them to the nail. I then painted the sponges with green.
For the tree: I cut up fake nails and basically glued them together to get the outline of the tree and painted brown. Then once dry for the leaves I used flocking powder glueing that on. You just have to fiddle around until you get the look you want.

What this you use for the pinky?? and how did you do it??