Neutrogena Naturals haul (Walgreens BOGO 50% OFF)

  • Added Mar 06, 2011

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Aug 21, 2011

Josie L.

Are they any good???

Aug 21, 2011

Nancy-Lee C.

I like the lip balm. ok - ever have one of those cleansers where you like, "OMG - are you not empty yet?" They did a good job, just uninspiring. Truth be told, there was 1/4 bottle left in both when I traded them in at Origins on Earth Day for free tubes of Checks & Balances.

The scrub looks like..umm.. like mucus. I'm so sorry to be that disgusting but it does. It doesn't have a stable consistency, so some of it is runny and some is more firm. Just eww. 2 of my GF's used the scrub and they didn't like it either. It doesn't lather and you can barely feel the grit so it can't be doing too much exfoliation.

These are NOT natural in the sense of 100% Pure products, they just do not contain harsh ingredients. I will not rebuy.

Aug 23, 2011

Josie L.

Thank you!!!