Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted

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Since ages, women have been exploring for permanent and painless hair removal techniques. They tried almost everything from threading to razors and plucking and waxing, but none offered them the desired solution. If you are the one who tried everything and not happy with the end results, laser hair removal might be worth considering. According to a latest study, laser hair removal is one of the most commonly preferred cosmetic procedures all over the universe.

Despite a continuous increase in laser hair removal in Adelaide popularity, there are plenty of myths included encompassing the methods that still prevent loads of people from getting a laser hair removal treatment. If you are also confused whether to opt for a procedure or not, just because you heard it is not safe, continue reading the myths that might end up your mind about laser hair removal treatment.

Myth - The rays can damage your internal organs

Fact - it is just a propaganda! The laser rays will not be able to pass a set limit, let heat alone from it. Lasers used for hair removal techniques can penetrate up to a quarter mm only into your skin, so how it is possible to reach the internal organs.

Myth - it is extremely painful

Most candidates experience mild to moderate discomfort and pain as the laser rays are made incident on the skin, but the discomfort is more bearable. It is just like snapping a rubber band on your skin. If you have been tweezing and waxing, then you will find the laser treatment much more painless technique.

Myth - Lasers are not for dark skin

Fact - In the beginning, lasers were not meant for dark skinned beauties, as they were at a risk of skin burns. But today, with technology advancement, we have lasers that are suitable for all skin types.

Myth - The technique is not for the face

Fact - lasers can be used for all body parts from face to chest and arms and legs. The commonly treated areas include upper lips and chin.

Myth - The result is same for all

Fact - Again it is a propaganda. Results might vary from person to person depending on the skin type and the color. Light colored hairs might respond least to the lights. On the other hand, coarse and thick dark hair is best treated with lasers as they suck maximum heat energy by laser beams.

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