What do think should I go red?


I want to change my hair for the new year. I'm thinking red, what do y'all think?

  • Added Feb 01, 2017

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Feb 20, 2017

Naomi K.

That is my natural hair color and it is very very hard to die hair this color. Natural Red hair is a unique shade and extremely hard to make.

Feb 24, 2017

Z K.

My dad and aunt have red hair. I thinks it's a beautiful color. I just don't know if I'd look good with it and like I don't want a dark red. The pic above is like the best color match I could find for what I'd like to do. I've also heard that, that color is very hard to recreate but... I REALLY love it. I've never changed my hair before so I have like no idea what will look good and how to take care of it and stuff like that... It's just the color that I'm most in love...