After you have completed the abstract, your next step would typically be the introduction. However, the introduction that is something that is subject to change as your thesis progresses. Many students opt to write their introduction after they have developed the body of their paper with help of rather than writing it and structuring the paper to fit the introduction.

The introductory section of a thesis is the eye catcher of your paper. This is what makes the reader want to learn more about the subject or question that you have proposed. Although the introduction should be professional sounding, it should also be creative. A creative introduction is what draws the readers in. The first paragraph of the introduction is the captivating paragraph. Each paragraph after that will cite who originally developed the idea that you have approached. You will want to follow this section with further citations of relevant work. This is a very important step as you learn how to write your thesis.

The introduction of your thesis “introduces” what the goal of your paper is. This is where you tell readers why you chose the subject. However, avoid repeating the information from in the abstract. The last thing you want is a repetitive paper. The introduction also needs to provide a sufficient amount of detail pertaining to the history of the subject or the question. Again, be sure and cite any ideas that are not your own otherwise it is considered plagiarism. One of the most important things to remember as you learn how to write a thesis is to avoid plagiarism as it is a very serious offense.

Do not use the introduction section to summarize everything that you have read pertaining to the thesis statement. In fact, there is another section of the paper devoted to this purpose. The introduction is where you mention history, the overall idea, and a brief intro into the new ideas that you will be adding to the subject matter. However, do not add a summary of your new ideas in the introduction. That is what the rest of the paper is used for. This is yet another important step to remember when learning how to write a thesis.

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