Mining Lightcoins

All Mining Lightcoins Steps Creating a Litecoin Wallet. You will need to download a special client from the official cryptocurrency website ( In our case it has to be russian. The client is available for download on most common operating systems. If you have loaded your wallet, install it by starting the sync on You should be informed immediately that this process will take a long time. As mentioned above, it is recommended to select a pool in advance. After analyzing all the options, we decided on wemineltc. We go to the pool side and create an account when registering. At the end of the registration process, we authorize and create employees (My Account -> My Employees). The following rule must be observed: The number of workers must be equal to the number of cards. So if in our case it is a system with a map, the worker is one. Click Refresh. For the direct process of coin mining you also need a mining program. The GUIminer software is great for mining Litecoin. However, if you just want to extract Litecoin, look for another software. You must download the program from the official GUIminer website. After installing the miner, you must complete all required fields, ie enter the graphics adapter model. In the fields "Username" and "Password" the access data for your employee are displayed; Host and port are taken from pool data.

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