being manager in nowdays companies it is your responibility for the result your company has reached. The decisions you make will influent on each and everyone in company and also on everyone you cooperate with. In the times of crisis it is even more to stay focused on some basic rules to avoid and perhaps even to amend your marketing, for example by ordering additional writing services from a job partner https://resumewriterreview.net/all-...

1. Enlarge amount of money, destined to marketing and promotion
In times of crisis managers usually follow one aim: to reatrain money and assets in the company. Nothing wrong with this idea so far. But you should be very careful when talking about marketing and promotion. Think wider: all your competitors will decrease the sum of money, destined to promotion. Ergo, now is your big chance to become known to wider public with your unique advertisements.

2. Do not lose your good coworkers because of lower salary

There is sometimes presure to reduce salary for few percents. But you should be very careful on influence wich will be evident. Human resource is one of the key resources today. Are you sure you can afford losing your best workers and letting them to concurence?

3. Make products with high value added
There is quite a competition on market when talking about mass production. Almost everyone can today sew jackets. But not many companies can produce for example medical devices. Perhaps you should think about starting again in a new type of industry.

4. Stay in close connections with your business partners
Your business partners are the heart of your company. Do not let them leave you when the time is not on your side. You should understand, that they have some difficulties too. Why not than inviting them for a released dinner or perhaps showing them how important they are for you. Maybe you can even pay them a percent or two just because of good relationships. You can be sure, that next time you will be first on the list of discount.

5. Create good relationships between employees
Big companies provide team-building activities all over the year. In times of crisis when number of procurements decrease it is the right time to strenghten relationships between coworkers. When crisis is over, you will have a fresh team of collegaues that will be able to communicate with each other. The future is bright if you think how can a team of friends be. Better relationships cause also better business results. And this is something, what we are all looking forward, isn’t it?

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