Top Seven Ways To Monetize Your Website Or Blog.

The Internet is going to play a major role in marketing. It is the fastest-growing sector of IT. There are many people who are looking to earn money online by owning a website. It is an interesting business and that is quite easy. Though making a good profit is not so easy and an individual has to work hard to increase quality traffic on the site for making good money.

1. Make your site a good resource of information:

This is one of the best and effective ways to increase quality traffic on the site. A site is the source of information for the visitor and it must provide the appropriate and the quality updated information to the visitor so that it can build a reputation. For this purpose post some quality content on the site.

2. Site promotion:

Updating the information on a regular basis is one of the proven ways that can assure you a regular visitor of most reputed visitors. In addition to that, it is better to search the site of similar kind and contact them via email or any other form. Appreciate their efforts and try to post your link on their site along with some relevant comments.

3. Join the forums
Search and join forums and discussion sites that match your topic. Try to participate in the discussion and post a subscription link with your discussion, which will help interested people find your site. Keep in touch with local media and post news articles on interesting topics. Do not forget to provide a link to your site. For example, when you write about how to write an essay, you can leave a link to similar sites like this or other similar sites for writing an essay.

4. Affiliate marketing

Now it is time to join the affiliate programs. There are innumerable affiliate programs available on the site. All one has to do is simply join by filling up an application. The key behind earning is to recognize the choice of your visitors and to post the appropriate ads on the site. Choose only the ads which you trust, joining an affiliate program just for money and the product is not genuine, it is very harmful to the credibility of the website. The email newsletter is another good idea; try to mention all affiliate programs in the newsletter. Never produce a junk or spam mail, always write something that is relevant to the choice of the reader and give specific knowledge of the product.

5. Selling advertising

There are a number of methods used for selling advertising:
Banner ads: Banner ads are not considered good, but they can drive one crazy if they are relevant to the site visitors.
Text links: Selling of a text link for popularity is quite controversial; be careful while choosing them else your web page will look silly and irrelevant to the reader. Though, it is a good way of making money.

6. Google Adsense:

Joining Google adsesnse is a very good idea for earning a lot of money. Google always shows relevant ads on-site and you will start earning instantly.

7. Build a directory:

Building a directory is a good long term investment. First of all, it is better to search the free directories that demand a link back, once your site became high in the ranking, it is the time to search the paid directories.

  • Added May 05, 2020

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