Creative Essays: Nudging Your Mind

Creativity is a very vague concept. Hopefully, you agree that every person is more or less creative, that every action may require creativity, starting from the arrangement of a Christmas party to choosing a creative approach when planning your business meetings. So, creativity is everywhere. Yet, somehow, when it comes to creative essay writing, many think of it as of something impossible, something available only to those born with this talent.

We are going to prove that everyone is able to write a creative essay. Our task is to “anatomize” creative writing and present you a simple how-to guide. Believe us, creative writing is not an “idol to praise”.

Creative essays: coming up with a creative essay idea

Do not be deceived by the availability of popular topics. Essays on Edgar Poe or essays on terrorism can bore to death. What about selecting a controversial creative essay idea? What about writing an essay on suicide, for example? A creative essay may be devoted to the controversial figure of Machiavelli’s idol Cesare Borgia or Mary Stuart of Scotland, obsessed by her passions.

Creative essays: writing styles

There are two major types of creative essays: the one that deals with creative thinking and the one that is about narrative writing. The latter requires reading (to know the peculiarities of belles-lettres) and some experience. Thus, creative essay writing needs only those things we usually do for our own pleasure, as a hobby. No backbreaking training or self-limitations.

Creative essays: choosing a creative essay title

Selecting a creative essay title is very important, because it gives the reader the first impression of your paper. The main trick is to draw an original parallel or an allusion to the famous quotation.
Good examples of creative essay titles are:

“Suicide: To Be or Not To Be” (playing up the quotation from Shakespeare’s Hamlet)
“Cartago Must Resign: Gordon Brown Is Eager to Replace Tony Blair as a Prime-Minister”

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Got Google PR 1 The Faster Way

We were really surprised the way our blog moved from none to page rank 1 in Google, within a month and with just 33 articles. So I am getting eager to share my success with you, to that even my other fellow mates or bloggers gets benefited from the way we achieved it. So will just highlight the points that we used to attain this great success.

So below is the list to the must follow tips to get your blog rank higher in search engines :

Focus more on content. Always be unique and original in writing the content. Don’t copy-paste it from other sites.
Understand what your readers expect from you and write accordingly.
Choose appropriate keywords relevant to the content.
Choose title which is unique, appropriate with the content and contains at least main keyword of the content.
Maintain your blog daily. Make a habit to post at least one article a day, and be consistent in your effort.
Link all the articles with famous social networking sites having high Google page rank and traffic.
Bookmark you article with social bookmarking sites having high Google page rank and traffic.
Submit your articles to article submission directories having high Google page rank and traffic.
Always keep provisions for article tagging and commenting on the article, and give reply to the comments immediately.
Keep the theme of the blog as per the topic you selected. Follow the standards and the norms for it.
Thus I am damn sure that if you properly follow and implement the above mentioned tips, no one can stop to gain higher page rank. Just be consistent in your efforts and give proper time and inputs to the blog, and you will see your blog automatically gaining higher page rank and moving ahead in the competition.
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