Professional summary structure

As soon as you define the type of introduction you want to use on your resume, you have to define its structure. Let’s look at the structure of professional summary in greater detail, since it is a more common practice for modern resumes. If you want to change your current job, look more information here: you can create strong resume. The first thing you need to know about professional summaries is that each of them should begin with an adjective like “Accomplished”, “Dedicated”, etc. You should write a summary like if you give a professional characteristic to a third person. After making an introduction with a strong adjective, call the title of your position and specify the number of years you have spent in this field. Then describe your background by calling a few defining job duties. After that, describe your main professional skills. Use such word combinations like “Versed in”, “Excels in”, etc. If you have measurable accomplishments, mention one or two of them at the end of your professional summary in form of bullet points.
Professional summary style
As already mentioned above, you have to write a professional summary like if you talk about another person, not yourself. This style of presentation is an industry standard and breaking it is a bad practice. Do not begin sentences in this section with phrases like “I am an accomplished sales professional, etc.” Begin with an adjective. And never use the word “I” in professional summaries. Don’t make your summary too long. If it has more than 6 rows, the recruiter probably skips it and switches to other sections of your career document.
After describing the main facts about resume introductions, we can make a few important conclusions. First of all, always include an introductory paragraph on your resume. Secondly, use professional summaries instead of objectives. This approach will help you make your resume more effective. Thirdly, follow the established standards of summary writing. Don’t be too original when drafting the introductory section of your resume, unless you are a creative field professional.

  • Added Mar 06, 2019

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