Why are so many students still not able to write a quality thesis paper? It is probably because they cannot write a good thesis statement. You should know that the thesis statement is the most important part of any research papers. Without it, there is no sense on conducting research or even discussing something. Therefore, you must have an idea how to produce a paper based on a thesis statement. What are the procedures involved in thesis sentence writing will cover all the important aspects in writing a thesis.

The thesis statement contains at least three important parts. The first part is the limited topic. We say it is limited because it should only be as specific scope of interest. This limitation will employ a highly targeted notion towards writing the research paper. Many times students will simply include too much topic of interests in their thesis. This will then confuse the writer, which will lead to a low quality thesis.

The second part of the thesis sentence is the opinion-based argument. The writer has the power to give his opinion within the paper. This means he can claim that a certain idea is valid and true. With such an opinion aspect of the thesis, one will have the reason to conduct research because he needs to prove it is valid and true. This is only possible if the opinion can be supported with enough research results.

The third part of the thesis statement is the discussion scope. It can also be regarded as the format of writing. This way, the writer will have the chance to expose how he plans to discuss the topic of interest. It can be by dividing the discussion or by enumerating the different things that he wants to say in the paper. Of course, the discussion blueprint should still be based on what the writer intends to prove on a given topic.

A thesis statement needs to have all the characteristic of a quality statement to make the research paper more credible. How do we know is the thesis is a good one? Here are some of the properties that you should be applying to your sentence:

The thesis statement should only have a single topic of interest.
The thesis sentence should not have any overlapping notions and interest for discussion.
The thesis statement must be assertive and opinion driven.
The thesis sentence should include three parts: subject, opinion, discussion platform.
For some people, writing the thesis statement is the start of their problems in research. Actually, this may be true because producing a quality thesis takes time. Nevertheless, if you will follow the tips that we have given you, for sure you will be able to write a thesis statement in no time.

  • Added Jun 17, 2020

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