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The first thing that you need to do whether you plan to write your whole thesis on your own or buy a thesis paper is to choose a topic. Since you have a free hand on what topic to write about, why not write about something that really interests you. You will be working on your thesis for days. If you are not interested in what you are working on, you will not produce a very good paper.
Let’s say for your thesis writing you choose to write a topic about global warming. This is only a topic. This is not yet your thesis statement.
The second thing to do is to narrow your topic. Global warming is a very broad topic. Read up a little on your topic and choose only one aspect about it. A narrower topic is how car emissions cause global warming. Notice that this is a more focused topic at but this is not yet a thesis. Read more to know how to write a thesis statement.
Third, when you have narrowed your topic into one aspect, make a personal standpoint about your narrowed topic. What is your opinion about it? What do you like to argue about it? If you are stuck with what to do, you can always seek the help of thesis writing services. For our example topic, we can argue that using electric cars can reduce global warming. This is what we will prove in your paper.
Last, write your argument into a single sentence. Once you have developed your position, this is very early. This can be the sentence for our position:
The use of electric cars should be implemented to reduce global warming.
The argument that you turned into a sentence is now your thesis statement. This is your main point in your paper. You are now ready to search for evidenced to prove your point. It is not hard to learn how to write a thesis statement even if the topic is not given.

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