New Crazy Bangs! x


Like my new mental fringe cut? Triangle shape with shaved sides, dyed with Stargazers 'UV Green'. I've added some of the Yellow glow in the dark hair gel by Stargazer to the tips to emphasise the bright colour and the dramatic shape (I also used the same gel on my brows)
It's a pretty Cybergoth style look but I don't dress like that really >.< just taking what I like from the style and mixing it up with my own dress sense. If you wanna see what that is, you should follow my Lookbook:

  • Added Sep 14, 2013

New Arrivals


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Oct 01, 2013

Annie L.

Love it! Would love to do a collaboration photoshoot someday!!

Sep 21, 2013

Jessica R.

absolutely loving it!!

Sep 21, 2013

Glitterface x.

Yay, thanks Jessica xx