Blue to purple ombre


My name is Viviana Guerrero and I am a student at Toni & Guy Academy in Southern California. I am in my 5th month of completion for my cosmetology license (yay!). For a junior project my instructor had each classmate choose a look, either Classic, Street, or Glamour, and find a model to present at the assembly we hold at the academy for new coming students and graduation seniors. Since the project was focused around color I wanted to find someone who was willing to commit to a dramatic and crazy change (because semi permanent's are my favorite!). Lucky my friend Shay agreed to myvision!

So my canvas was Shay who started out at about a level 7 blonde with full head highlight's. Very classic and classy.

So I started out by splitting her hair up into two sections. Upper half and lower half. Taking zig zag partings for more diffused color. At first we used TiGi True Light White with 8.5vol activator and moved on to 20vol. The bleach was kept on about 20 min's after full processing time (40min) and I made sure to keep resaturating until I got the nice shade of blonde(level 9-10) needed for the semi permanents. After the bleach was applied I mixed TiGi's 1/1 in Creative with 8.5vol which is a blue black and paced on the lower half to process. After all was rinsed I dried her hair and mixed Provana's Magenta and paced visually from her mid strand to ends then placed Manic Panic's Rockabilly Blue with some Provana Green (2pt+1pt) on the rest of her hair. I didn't buy violet or purple to get the pretty violet seen in the pictures because I knew the blue/teal would run slightly over the pink/fushia and make the color brighter. Only my first ombr? and I'm extremely proud

  • Added Oct 22, 2013

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