Hoochie Queen


OCC lip tar in Queen and Hoochie

  • Added Sep 08, 2013

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Sep 16, 2013

Farah M.

The colors are so cute. Xoxo
the colors are cute.

Sep 14, 2013

Pamela F.

Hahaha thats what I thought  miley!!

Sep 11, 2013

Halley O.

Omg its miley!!

Sep 11, 2013

Courtney W.

Miley is that you??

Sep 09, 2013

Tanya V.

How do you keep the colors from blending together?

Sep 09, 2013

Lauren T.

To make the ombré effect, I used Queen as a base and harshly applied Hoochie on top of it, then slightly stamped the colors together by shifting my lips side to side. It's easy to maintain the effect since the top and bottom lips have the same colors/design and it'll stay the same however I move my mouth unless I shift them like how I applied (which I don't do naturally anyway.) Hope that makes sense!

Sep 09, 2013

Lauren T.

Cool! And we both have the same name lol.

Sep 08, 2013

Bárbara B.