Freddy Krueger


Freddy Krueger Halloween makeup tutorial! There are a lot of liquid latex, and other sticky tutorials out there for Freddy, so I wanted to stick to my style and paint his burns on! This tutorial, I consider, a intermediate tutorial, for the reasoning of the amount of shading required. This look can be done 100% with drug store products.

  • Added Sep 06, 2013

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Sep 07, 2013

Audrey E.

Dude! This is awesome!

Sep 07, 2013

Talia B.

OMG! aint this just awesome?!

Sep 07, 2013

Alectia S.


Sep 07, 2013

Angie B.

That's totally amazing!! Your work just gets better and better!! Do you do this professionally?

Sep 08, 2013

Alexys F.

Thank you! Haha, yes I do! Not normally with eyeshadows though. I normally use body paint.

Sep 07, 2013

Alma M.

This is Awesome great job!