The way I do my brows: let me know how it goes for you if you try it out ladies :)


1. I use MAC eyebrow pencil in "spiked", NYX eyeshadow base in skin tone, a spooly, clear brow gel<not pictured> and a brow brush
2. I brush my brows with the spooly in an upward direction in the front and then towards the hair line and down wheni get to the tail
3. I take the brow brush and just go around the perimeter tho make them a little neat so I can see where to fill them in
4. I Start at the front of my brow, using light pressure and draw a line mimicking my natural brow line
5. I repeat the same step at the bottom of my brow
6. Once I have my guidelines, I fill in the center with the pencil with short strokes so that it looks like hair
7. I take clear brow gel and brush the front up and the tail end towards the hairline and down much like step1
8. While that's drying, I use the NYX base to trace under my brow to make them appear neater and sharper. You can also use concealer as well.
9. Next, blend blend blend that base/concealer out and it will also act as a natural highlight
10. The brow gel should be dry or close to one you finish so take brow brush and run around the perimeter of the brow to "mold" them into place much like step 2
11. Finally done! !!!!! Seems like alot of work I know but your brows will be crisp! Let me know how it works out for you if anyone tries my method out :)

  • Added Dec 22, 2013

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