Going on holiday!


Going on holiday with my handsome fiancé!

  • Added Dec 29, 2013

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Jan 15, 2014

Jessie L.

What's the color of this lipstick??

Jan 15, 2014

Becca G.

Mac "kinda sexy"

Jan 12, 2014

Danielle A.

I like your eyes. A lot. my eyes are brown but blue eyes always attracted me.

Jan 08, 2014

Nina i.

Hv a nice trip best of luck.. you are looking sooo beautifull.

Jan 05, 2014

Elisha S.

Is that your natural eye color?

Jan 06, 2014

Becca G.

Thank you and yes it is :)

Jan 02, 2014

Elisha S.

Yeah lol I was going to say you look like miley cyrus a bit. But you look like a doll.

Jan 03, 2014

Becca G.

In a good way or bad way?

Jan 05, 2014

Elisha S.

Dolls are a symbol of beauty and delicacy (: my little sister thought you were a doll haha.

Jan 02, 2014

Carissa L.

You kinda look like miley Cyrus

Jan 01, 2014

Kelly O.


Dec 31, 2013

Claire W.

Have a great holiday!

Dec 30, 2013

Angel B.

prettty :)

Dec 30, 2013

J G.

Doll!! you are beautiful!!

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