Cameron Diaz for Carnaval


So in Portugal we also celebrate Carnaval (its kinda like the US Halloween) So me and my friends came up with this idea of get dressed as Charlie's Angels. I was Cameron Diaz. I did everyone's makeup (including mine) and my nails. Here's a pic of my makeup and nails. Sorry, I dont have pics with the blonde wig on, I just took this one.

  • Added Feb 26, 2013

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Mar 07, 2013

Monica B.

Love the makeup and nails. Agree with Michelle about smoking glamour shots.

Feb 28, 2013

Fabio C.

@Michelle B. thank you! :) you should visit Lisbon, its a nice city to visit.

Feb 28, 2013

Michelle B.

I love glamour shots of people smoking!! I've been through a whole pack and then some in one shoot... Not so good. Also, my grandmother was from Lisbon, always wanted to visit! :) Keep being lovely!