Garnier Blow Dry Perfecter RUINED my hair!


This is how I had to have my hair cut after the Garnier Blow Dry Perfecter kit RAVAGED my soft, beautiful, white hair. It stripped my hair completely, took out the toner, and I went to a great salon and this was the best they could do to retain as much hair as possible. I've heard similar complaints once I posted this on facebook. One of my friends, who owns her own salon, said one of her clients used it and her hair is "jacked" and has been for quite some time. It will take forever to get my hair's texture back, but until then I have had to have my hair hacked into like this. Granted it wasn't styled, but it looks hideous. I hate it. DO NOT EVER USE THIS PRODUCT. The salon took pity on me and lowered the prices on their services but it still cost me $30 for a conditioning treatment, $10 for the cut, and $10 for a tip. I literally paid 10x as much as the product cost just to FIX my hair. It still isn't totally fixed either. I'm so upset.

  • Added Mar 16, 2013

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