Zombie Bride


This was my makeup and costume for Halloween.
For the makeup I used the generic Halloween makeup(blood and face paint) you find in stores during the season and a black eyeshadow to set the black on my eyes, blend and show more depths in areas of my face. To create the scars I used toilet paper(2 ply is recommended) and liquid Elmers glue. To get the wound effect you paint on the Elmers glue where you want the wound to be then stick a town piece of toilet paper over it(whatever size needed/wanted) then you paint another layer of glue over the top, let dry and continue to add layers and let dry in between. Once you have as many layers as you want/need and the glue is completely dry tear the middle how you want. Then you can add makeup to give it depth/the effect of having a wound and add in blood too.

  • Added Feb 04, 2013

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