Hair Styling / Flower Bun


1.Pull Hair back into a pony tail.
2.Braid hair (not too tight)
3.When crossing the hair, pull lightly on one side of the braid, creating a "pancake braid"
4.Wrap the hair around the hair tie, like you would a "hair bun"
with the flat side of the braid facing the outside.
5. Adjust the hair accordingly and secure with a bobby pin.

Find a tutorial on how to do a "pancake braid" and it will made things way easy :D

I hope this helps! It's a little difficult explain. But I really hope to make a video on this hair style as soon as possible!!!!

  • Added Jan 03, 2013

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May 12, 2013

Ana C.'d you do that!. ^?^

Jan 16, 2013

Angie M.

It's pretty simple! I will be making a tutorial soon! :)

Jan 07, 2013

Brittney G.

how did u do that? 

Jan 07, 2013

Kim P.

Nice! How'd you do it?