Galaxy tutorial


First you will need a sponge And some paper along with 4 colors of your choice(the black is needed for background)
STEP 1: paint all fingernails black on place a clear coat on. Let dry before next step
STEP 2: take the lightest color out of your four (mine is called sky blue) then dip the sponge into some of the nail polish on paper. Gently dab it onto your nail. This will be the center of the nebula.
STEP 3: then apply a color of your choice just over the first layer. But don't cover the hole color you dabbed on before. Repeat the sponge step.
STEP 4: now apply the darkest color like the o ther but a little smaller then the second dot.
STEP 5(not in the picture): if you don't like how your colors may not pop, then you can get a shimmer color and dab it on your sponge. Then outline the nebula with it.
STEP 6: finally you are done, now you just need some glitter to be stars. So dab your sponge once more into a glitter color, then dab ONLY the glitter ONLY on the black parts of your nail. ONCE YOU ARE DONE APPLY A CLEAR COAT.

  • Added Jan 26, 2013

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